Who is the judge?

The judge is God.

Why is he God?

Because he decides who wins or loses,

Not my opponent.

Who is your opponent?

He does not exist.

Why does he not exist?

Because he is a mere dissenting voice

to the truth I speak.

-The Great Debaters, 2007


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  • Historical Events for 7th December 2016

    185 - Emperor Lo-Yang, China sees supernova (MSH15-52)
    1842 - New York Philharmonic's 1st concert
    1885 - 49th Congress (1885-87) convenes
    1937 - Russian chess player Alekhine recaptures world title from Max Euwe
    1953 - WCCB TV channel 18 in Charlotte, NC (IND/ABC) begins broadcasting
    1963 - Instant replay is used for the first time in a Army-Navy game.
    1971 - An off duty member of the Ulster Defence Regiment is shot dead by members of the Irish Republican Army in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
    1981 - Spain becomes a member of the NATO
    1985 - Atlantis (61-B) returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
    1987 - 43 die in Pacific Southwest Airline crash in California (man shot pilots)

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  • Singapore National Debate Team Exhibition Match
    Singapore National Debate Team Exhibition Match The National Debate Team representing Singapore at the 2011 World Schools Debating Championships in Dundee, Scotland, will be holding an exhibition debate on Wednesday 22 June 2011 at 1700 hours (5pm). The debate will be held at the Arts House. The National team will be facing a team of distinguished Sinapore National Team Alumni such as Aaron Maniam, Timothy Yap and Joshua Hiew. Everyone...
    23 May 2011
  • Debate Videos added
    New videos featuring debates from the World Schools Debating Championships and the African Schools Debating Championships have been added to the Media Gallery. Enjoy!
    11 May 2011