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Updates to Debateable.org

9 Videos added! Debaters may wish to look at the 2 matches on negotiating with terrorists and the 2 matches on civil liberties vs Security to compare how different teams approach the same topic. The WSDC 2002 Semi-Final between Scotland and Australia is also provides a very clear example of an illegal definition in the World Schools Style. Debaters should also observe the WSDC 1997 SF match to see how slow a third (Roger Wong of Australia) can speak.

WSDC 1997 Australia vs Pakistan (Free Speech)

WSDC 1999 Argentina vs Singapore (ICC)

WSDC 2001 QF Singapore vs England (Negotiate with Terrorists)

WSDC 2002 SF Scotland vs Australia (Civil Liberties vs Security)

WSDC 2002 SG team vs Alumni (Civil Liberties vs Security)

WSDC 2005 Scotland vs Singapore (Negotiate with Terrorists)  

MIDC 2008 Finals HCI v NJC (Tied aid to Env)

NCS 2009 Finals RI JC vs HCI (Trial by Jury)

MOE-ACJC Intercols 2011 Finals ACS (I) v HCI (Debt Relief)  

28 June 2011 – Added the following WSDC videos: a. WSDC 1997 SF (SG – Aaron Maniam, Celina Chua, Vernie Oliveiro vs ENG) on Affirmative action; and WSDC 2001 Israel vs SG – Natalie Morris, Peggy Pao and Jonathan Pflug on the Death Penalty.


26 June 2011 – Added the following WSDC videos: a. WSDC 2009 SF (NZ vs SG- Anish Hazra, Lee Jia Wei, Teoh Ren Jie) on the topic of Aid for Dictators; b. WSDC 2003 Greece vs SG – Chan Yong Wei, Li Shengwu, Hansel Ng) on compulsary voting; c. WSDC 2001 rd 8 SG – Natalie Morris, Peggy Pao, Jonathan Pflug vs Zimbabwe) on Government sponsorship of the arts.


21 June 201 – Added new replies to the Q & A section on bringing  debating skills to the next level and also on the selection of good coaches.

19 June 2011 – Added a new section featuring the Singapore National Debate Team’s events and developments. This will eventually include the team’s reports from the 2011 WSDC in Dundee.

19 June 2011 – Added the 2009 Singapore National Debate Team’s matches vs England and Australia at the 2009 WSDC. An Adjudication training video from the 2008 WSDC featuring Singapore WSDC alumni Aaron Maniam has also been addeded. Links to other WSDC matches have also been added.


14 June 2011 – Added the 2007 ACJC team’s MIDC QF and SF matches vs AJC and ACS (I) respectively. The motions were on the “partition of Iraq” and “Globalisation’s impact on social inequality” respectively.

13 June 2011 – Added two new matches for the Debate Videos section. The matches feature the 2000 and 2007 ACJC teams and the motions are on “National Sovereignty vs Human Rights” & “Prosecuting Teenagers as Adults” respectively.


12 June 2011- Added Article on “Growing Up Debating” by Tan Teck Wei and Darion Hotan, Singapore National Debate Team members


12 June 2011- Added Article on “Voice Impressions and Performance for Debaters” by Ms Louisa Ong, Speech and Voice coach


12 June 2011- Added Section on Constructing Arguments by Hygin Fernandez, Co-Coach, Team ACJC


23 May 2011 –  Added “Debate It: Democracy,” an article by the Singapore National Debate Team, to the Articles Section

16 May 2011 – Added “Debate It: Religion in Politics,” an article by the Singapore National Debate Team, to the Articles Section

12 May 2011 – Added new facebook page for debateable.org

12 May 2011 – Added Shuko’s question and my reply on developing Debate activites in Zambia.

11 May 2011 – Added new videos featuring debates from the World Schools Debating Championships and the African Schools Debationg Champrionships to Media Gallery.

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