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Posted on April 30, 2011 In Debate Topics


There are three classes of motions which a debater may encounter over at various debate tournaments, namely Loose-Link, Tight-Link and Straight Link. Each class signals how much freedom the Proposition teams will have in their definitions.

Posted on April 29, 2011 In Debate Topics

styleStyle refers to the way debaters speak and deliver their speeches. To get higher style marks, speakers would need to make their communication effective and impactful. The following are a few tips which could be of use to speakers looking to improve the stylistic aspects of their speeches.

Speech and oratory competitions: A very useful way for debaters to improve their style is to attend speech and oratory competitions. These events will allow the debaters to focus purely on their vocal and visual presentation without the need to worry about argument and rebuttals. Some events, such as the National Forensic League’s Extemporaneous Speaking event, goes as far as to ask speakers to integrate argumentative skills into their speeches and even requires the speakers to go without written notes!