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Debate It: Religion in Politics

A compilation produced by the Singapore National Team that participated in the 2010 World Schools Debating Championships and International Public Policy Forum



Series editor: Benjamin Mak Jia Ming

Team Members: Teoh Ren Jie, Adil Hakeem bin Mohammed Rafee, Ng Li Ki and Ashish Xiangyi Kumar

Coach: Mrs Geetha Creffield

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Updates to     9 Videos added! Debaters may wish to look at the 2 matches on negotiating with terrorists and the 2 matches […]

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Coming Soon!

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Got a Question? {rsform 1}

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This site was created to provide useful information, techniques and tips for young Debaters and students who wish to improve their argumentative and public speaking […]

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Ask Sam a question! Do you have a question related to speech and debate? Send Sam the query using the question box below and he […]

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This guest post has been kindly contributed by my dearest friend, Miss Rohini Singh, who is one of the best debaters and coaches I know. […]

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This is a special section for our wonderful teachers and managers who are in charge of debate clubs and societies in institutes of education. Debating as an activity within the school will not be possible without their presence. Here are a few things that teachers should do to attain debating excellence with their schools.

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For a Debater, knowledge is power. No matter how eloquent or passionate a speech may be, it will ultimately be toothless with key information and evidence to support the argumentation. Thus, debaters will have to be well-read and well-researched if they are to improve. Diligent research will provide not only the evidence for cases but also generate the argumentation which could be used in debates.

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poiEven with the most dynamic of speakers and the most interesting of motions, the energy levels in a debate could still be quite low if the participants merely delivered their speeches and sat back down. Thus, debate formats usually incorporate a more interactive element in order to liven up the event

For the World Schools Debating format, this purpose is served by the use of the “Point of Information” (POI).